Newest Painting – Rainbow Owl


Whoever put this colorful guy out across the net as a real character in our animal family was apparently trying to pull our leg, but nevertheless I was inspired by the colorful beauty!

New Big Mouth Monsters – Adopt One Today!

Adopt a Big Mouth Monster today or give as a gift with a special message!

New monsters needing a home!

Evie Art Big Mouth Monster Evie Art Big Mouth Monster Evie Art Big Mouth Monster

Find Your Zen Book -New on Amazon

Find Your Zen, Evie Art
Adult Coloring  Book
now available on Amazon!

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Find Your Zen Coloring Book - Evie Art

Find Your Zen Coloring Book - Evie Art


If MacGyver® was an artist…

If MacGyver was an artist…

I have had many nicknames throughout my lifetime, but one that has stood the test of time is MacGyverGirl; and I hear “You are such a hippie” at least once a week.

It’s true, I live a very simple life. Without blinking I would give away the gold to someone in need, but closely guard an interesting gadget another would consider trash. Next to my mother’s purse, that always seems to have anything you need in it, my supply and tool closet is pretty wicked…for a Macgyver-Hippie girl like me anyway.

Recently I have a new rule when it comes to my overflowing closet of magical duct tape and more: if I have to move it, an immediate plan to use it must be made. Of course, right after making that rule I found myself in preparation for upcoming art shows and presenting products to interested boutiques, which means I am visiting my clever closet pretty regularly.

Here is the fun journey this new personal rule took me down last week:

(1) I came across a box of old picture frames where the fronts were too marred to display without some sort of makeover. Day of decision was here >> time for them to serve a purpose or get put into the yardsale pile. You know, the yardsale I “plan” every year.

(2) Next to the frames was a box of yarn fragments – hey, don’t judge. String comes in very handy! Although I admit, with my recent love of making handbags and monsters, yarn fragments are getting out of control.

(3) 50 forgotten glue sticks, SCORE!

(4) A box of beads collected over the years, many having one thing in common: only a maniac would consider trying to thread a needle through the tiny holes…and over and over again for jewelry? Forget that.


First, I experimented with the sunset and the beads. Yarn fiber strands glued onto a picture frame backing (stands and/or hangs)…with beads added to the water. I love this one, and’s reversible by accident, but the beads were still a pain in the neck. *sweeping for weeks. I put them away almost immediately. However, they earned the right to be stored a little longer. Hooray!

Then I experimented with a few fun ideas that could be easily reproduced as a theme for gifts or decoration, including the monster magnets which are great for school lockers and Egg Pets, which I just adore!

love-fiber-art friends-fiber-art

monster-magnets        egg-pets2-fiber-art

Once done with the cutesy fun stuff, I wanted to really test this new art genre that was capturing me, so I allowed myself the time to create a beautiful layered mountain landscape scene.


It was a nice way to end the project and confirmed that while I love to fool around with monsters and fun stuff, my true heart is in landscape art.

These are just prototypes, but I love it enough to continue.  I’ll let you know when they become available! Hope you enjoy.

Comments, likes and shares appreciated!

Much love to you,


P.S. Before you throw out your old yarn or picture frames, think about what you could do with them! And if you are like, nah, not my thing. Why not donate them to Evie Art?

What? You are going to throw them out anyway, right? XOXOXO

See Evie Art Live at the Art Show on October 1st


Very excited to attend this art show and bluegrass festival on OCTOBER 1.  Join us for the day and enjoy all Cayce has to offer for this fun filled event.

Look for the EVIE ART sign, right next to Forrest’s Art Studio (my sister!) and say hello.

Don’t let the Evie Art Monsters scare you.  They don’t bite!

About the Festival.  Learn More Here .


The 9th Annual Congaree Bluegrass Festival is happening the weekend of October 1st & 2nd at the Historic Columbia Speedway in Cayce, SC.

Due to the historic rains and flooding of last October the festival had to be cancelled. So this year the Cayce Events Committee is doubly excited to see this festival come to life. As planned for last year, the festival has expanded with a new venue, more music, more exhibits and attractions, as well as a second day dedicated to Gospel Bluegrass Music. Everyone involved is thrilled about the growth of this event over the years and is looking forward to the new location and all of the opportunities that entails.

In addition to some top notch bluegrass bands, Saturday’s event will include an Artists’ Village, made possible by some of the same folks that bring you the Cayce Arts Festival each year, and will feature local artists and craftsman showcasing their work. There will also be a variety of other exhibits, arts & crafts vendors, a large Jam Tent, dancing, children’s interactive activities, and always popular festival food. Sunday will bring the introduction of the Gospel Bluegrass Gathering, an afternoon of Gospel music and great food.
Headlining Saturday is Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver. With nearly 40 albums to their credit, Doyle Lawson & Quicksilver have multiple Grammy, Dove, ICM, IBMA and SPBGMA Award nominations, and are 7-time winners of IBMA’s Vocal Group of the Year. The other acts sharing the stage on Saturday include the Edgar Loudermilk Band featuring Jeff Autry, Wilson Banjo Co., and Slope Valley. Sunday, the stage will feature the bands The Southern Gospel Express, Left Lane and The Thomas Family, all performing traditional gospel bluegrass music.

The Congaree Bluegrass Festival starts at 11:00 am on Saturday October 1st with admission only $10.00 for adults (free to Cayce residents) and children 12 and under free. Sunday’s Gospel show will begin at 1:00 pm and is free to all.

Hummingbird Happiness – Sketch of the Day

Hummingbird Happiness - Evie Art by Evie Marie

Evie Art – Unique Gifts and Gallery

Blue / Gold Daisy Cinch Sak

Hope  someone claims this beauty before I decide to add another to my personal closet!


Evie Art Handbag - Blue Gold Daisy Cinch Sak. Evie Art by Evie MarieDesign Notes:
Evie Art Cinch Sak II — Big spacious pouch with a side pocket perfect for most smart devices. Has a shoulder strap and separate wrist strap that doubles as the cinch to close the main pocket and secure your belongings.

Strap: 42″

Main Pouch: 5.5″ W x 8″ H

Front Pocket: 5″ x 5″

Wooden Daisy Button on back (pull to cinch)
Wooden Daisy on front pouch (decorative only)

Each bag is unique and custom made.  If you like it, don’t wait too long.  Be the first to grab it!

Peek-a-Boo Greeting Cards – Evie Art Print Now Available!

Thank you all for your kind words and support regarding one of my latest sketches. By request they are now available as a greeting card.   Learn more about Peek-a-Boo Evie Art Greeting Card.


New Evie Art – Cinch Saks II are here!

This new design pattern of Evie Art Handbags and Cinch Saks is the most convenient yet!  With two pockets, shoulder strap and separate cinch strap that doubles as a wrist strap!

Get yours today and don’t forget, they make great gifts!

CSII_002CSII_001 CSII_003

Bee My Honey – EVIE ART by Evie Marie

Bee My Honey - EVIE ART by Evie Marie

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